White Smudge Sage


This White Smudge Sage Sage Stick is a powerful combination of herbs that work together in perfect harmony to energetically cleanse your environment, your aura, and even the chakras. Thyme has long been thought to be a sacred herb, full of power and wisdom. It is used in many folk magic traditions for protection, purification, and exorcism.

White Smudge Sage Benefits

Thyme is also considered to be helpful in uncovering hidden knowledge or uncovering lies told by others. Thyme was used historically in the making of amulets, worn to both protect against illness and bring healing. It was also carried on one's person for luck, protection, bravery, and the like. Thyme works with the energies of the mind and body, clearing negative thoughts and emotions out of your headspace while helping dissolve blockages that may be causing physical ailments within your body.

Thyme is also very protective when it comes to spirits, ghosts, or other entities that may cross into our realm. Thyme is said to be so effective in banishing spirits that they are known to flee upon smelling this herb! The White Smudge Sage plant carries with it an air of mystery and intrigue.

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