Soap Stone Aroma Lamp Buddha Carved 3.5"


Best Soap Stone Aroma Lamp Buddha Carved for you. These aroma lamps are made by carving a soapstone bowl to hold the essential oils, which are then heated by the flame of the lamp. The essential oils come in many different fragrances; they can also be blended together to create your own custom scent.

The Soap Stone Aroma Lamp Buddha Carved is hand-carved using traditional tools, such as chisels. The soapstone absorbs the healing power of essential oils, creating a comfortable atmosphere that nurtures your pores while relaxing you. This beautiful lamp will add to any interior decorating project.

Individual Soap Stone Aroma Lamp Buddha Carved are available in several different sizes and shapes, but for aromatherapy purposes, you'll want to choose one with a large bowl that will allow you to burn enough oil to produce a significant amount of fragrance.

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