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Buy 4 incense & get 4 Free + Free Shipping

Pure Rosemary Cold Pressed Oil

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Rosemary oil is considered to be a sacred herb, and it is often used for the purpose of healing. Rosemary helps the mind to focus, so that the mind can be more open to the energy of the universe. Rosemary can be used in a diffuser or in a bath for meditation. It can also be used as a massage oil to promote healing and comfort. Rosemary has been known to help with anxiety, poor circulation and memory retention. This particular oil is cold pressed, which means that it was extracted from the plant by using pressure rather than heat. Cold-pressed oils tend to retain more of their natural properties than those that are extracted using heat methods. For magical use, burn rosemary to rid a home of negative energy, or as incense, while yo Hang to keep harmful people, like burglars, from entering.

  • Pure Rosemary Cold Pressed Oil
  • 100% Organic Oil
  • Best Natural Oil