Palo Santo Wood Incense Sticks - 4"L (1 stick)


The Palo Santo Wood Incense Sticks is a pack of natural incense sticks made from the Palo Santo tree. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by the Incas and other cultures for its spiritual and medicinal properties.

Our Palo Santo Wood Incense Sticks are 4 inches long and come in a 1-pound pack, ensuring that you have enough sticks to last for multiple uses. When burned, these sticks produce a fresh, pleasant scent with hints of mint and citrus, accompanied by underlying notes of frankincense.

Palo Santo is believed to have many spiritual benefits, such as purging bad spirits and promoting positive energy, which is why it is often used for smudging and cleansing. It is also believed to enhance creativity and bring good fortune, making it a popular choice for use during meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices.

In addition to its spiritual benefits, Palo Santo is also known for its medicinal properties, such as its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. The natural compounds in Palo Santo have been shown to help with respiratory issues, stress, and anxiety.

Our Palo Santo Wood Incense Sticks are made from sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood, ensuring that the product is environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. The natural ingredients and traditional manufacturing process ensure that our incense sticks are of the highest quality, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of Palo Santo in your daily life.

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