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Home Protection Bindrune

Home Protection Bindrune

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Best Home Protection Bindrune for you. The Bindrune for home is one of the most popular bind runes in use today. Its simple elegance allows it to be used in any magical context. This bindrune is made up of the runes for home. Which are the two principal deities of the Ásatru tradition. Odín is the god of knowledge, war, strategy, strength, and death while Frigg is the goddess of foreknowledge, marriage, birth, and motherhood.

The home Protection Bindrune

The Home Protection Bindrune means protection, making it perfect for securing your belongings and assets. It's also a great choice for anyone whose day-to-day chores require travel. It works well in clear areas. The binding energy can be used to protect in any way.

  • Bindrune size: 10"X 4"
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