Hem Seven Arcangels Incense - 21 Sticks Pack (6 Packs Per Box)

Size: 9" Long
Scent: Seven Arcangels
Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes

Experience a divine and heavenly atmosphere with Hem Seven Arcangels Incense. Each stick features a blend of natural scents, perfectly crafted to deliver a delightful aroma of Seven Arcangels. These incense sticks are 9 inches long and burn for approximately 30 minutes, creating a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance. The pack includes 21 sticks, and each box contains 6 packs, totaling 120 sticks for your convenience.

Hem Incense is hand-made in India, ensuring high-quality production and authenticity. These incense sticks are perfect for various activities like prayers, meditation, and yoga. Additionally, burning Hem Seven Arcangels Incense creates an aromatic and pleasant atmosphere that contributes to peace and tranquility. Buy Hem Seven Arcangels Incense, and immerse yourself in a heavenly and relaxing experience.

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