Harmony Kit - Harmonize Home Kit


The Best Harmony Kit - Harmonize Home Kit for you. Your home is the sanctuary where you find refuge, shelter, and protection and where you can take shelter from any conflict in life.

Harmony at home and in life rituals

Arriving home can be the moment of most tranquility and relaxation that we can experience if we maintain it with clean energy and a neutral environment. Home comes from a bonfire because our ancestors sat around the fire to give each other company, warmth, and security. That is why you must give all the importance it deserves to that space. That welcomes you every day and that you must anchor to a pure, warm, and renewing energy in Harmony Kit.

It is important to create rituals for those moments when we arrive at home or when we leave it because this will make us feel safe, protected, and loved. When we create these habits we create Harmony Kit in our lives since everything has an energetic vibration that can affect us positively or negatively depending on what we do or what happens around us.

What is in this Harmony Kit:

White Sage & Thyme - to clear negative energy from the home. It is also used to help balance energies in the home. This herb is also used for cleansing the energy of yourself or others.

White Roses Soap - White roses are known for their calming effect on the mind and emotions as well as their ability to attract love. This soap has been infused with rose essential oil, which will help ease stress and release negative energy from your body.

White Roses Oil - it is said that if a woman wears white roses oil, she will be able to attract her true love and keep him close by her side forever Copal has been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies to promote harmony, health, and prosperity.

The 7-chakras wand is a powerful tool to help you balance your energy field and harmonize your home. It can be used to clear your space, cleanse negative vibrations and keep your environment safe, healthy, and peaceful. Get the best Harmony Kit from us.

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