Dragon's Blood Sage Wild Flower 4"


Dragon's Blood Sage is an extremely powerful magical herb. It can be used in many spells and rituals to add potency, and in many situations, it can be used for protection. It is also great to use in healing magick and to create a meditative atmosphere.
Dragon's Blood is known as one of the oldest magickal herbs and has been used for this purpose for centuries. Dragon's Blood has been used in ancient Egyptian embalming practices for over 4,000 years. It was also used to add potency to potions made with the blood of human sacrifices.

Dragon's Blood Sage Benefits

Dragon's Blood is a very special herb that is said to aid communication with spiritual guides and connect us with our inner voice and intuition. Dragon's Blood makes a great addition to any spell or ritual when you wish to protect yourself from hostility and negativity.
Dragon's Blood protects you from evil spirits, curses, hexes or spells cast against you by others who wish you harm. It has been said to help people who are psychic, claro yant, or sensitive by keeping them protected from unwanted outside influences. It is said that the properties in Dragon's Blood Sage will help you develop your psychic abilities and bring out your natural intuitive talents.
Dragon's Blood Sage aids in communication with spiritual beings,

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