Crystal Massage Wand | Selenite Colorful Massage Wand


Best Crystal Massage Wand for you. Selenite is a crystal that has been used for healing and meditation for centuries. Selenite is connected with the Crown Chakra and is said to help unblock and balance it. Selenite can also bring clarity and wisdom, open one up to their inner voice and call upon one's higher self.

Best Massage Wand

Massage wands work great as a body massager. You can use them on your back, neck, arms, or legs. You can even rub it on your sore or tired feet! These Crystal Massage Wand are great to use as an energy cleanser as well. Just hold the wand in each hand and gently run it down your body starting at your feet and ending at the top of your head.

Magic Wand Massager

The colors of these wands vary from piece to piece; each wand will be unique! Selenite: The most powerful healer of them all. It clears up blockages in the aura and draws negative energy away from the body. Its cleansing, balancing, and opening energy brings mental clarity to stagnant situations which can bring about harmony within one's environment. This Crystal Massage Wand helps to dispel feelings of overwhelm, stress, confusion, and indecisiveness. Colorful Massage Wand is also an excellent meditation aid as it allows one to focus on spiritual rather than material things.

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