Color Sage | 7 Color Mullein Flower and White Sag


Best 7 color sage for you. The one plant that I have found to be the most useful for cleansing negative energy is White Sage. It has a very potent cleansing, purifying vibration.
When cleansing, you will want to take the time to sit quietly and "smell" the smoke. Visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of pure white light and feel the negative energy being pulled out of your aura and whisked away by the smoke.

Best 7 Color Sage

You can also use White Sage to protect and clear your home and property from unwanted negative energy. It is especially helpful to burn it around areas where children play or where there are sick people or animals. It is also good to keep a little bowl of White Sage near your bed at night to aid in clearing any negativity that may have been brought into your space while you sleep. This color sage will be your best choice.

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