Chakra Sage - White Sage with Sinuate Flower 7 Chakra Colors


The chakra sage system of energy centers in the body is an ancient concept. The word chakra derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning," which describes the spinning energy centers. There are said to be seven major chakras, each associated with specific physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

White Chakra Sage Benefits

Amethyst is associated with the seventh, or crown, chakra. It is said to aid in meditation, spirituality, and psychic healing. Amethyst helps integrate all of one's personality into a solid sense of self. It has been called the stone of sobriety since it cleanses the mind and spirit of negative influences. Amethyst provides support during times of stress or transition, helping to calm and balance emotions.

Chakra Sage Benefits

The vibration of amethyst increases spirituality by removing distractions from one's consciousness so that inner peace can be attained more easily. Placed on the third eye, amethyst clears the mind and reduces stress by releasing tension held in this area of the body.
There is a saying that if you meditate with amethyst you will not only see God but you will be God and see yourself as God and finally be able to let go of any attachment to ego concerns. Amethyst heals emotional wounds and soothes anger. This will be the best Chakra Sage for you.

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