Bindrune for Family Protection | Bindrune for Emotional Balance


Bindrune for Family Protection | Bindrune for Emotional Balance. In a family, you have to accept your parents as they are. But if you want them to accept you as you are, you can never be less than honest with them.

Best Bindrune for Family Protection 

The bindrune works only if there is emotional balance. If they accept you and love you without changing you, and you love them and accept them while changing yourself. If your parents try to change the person you are -- if they hold up their own emotional model as an ideal for you to match -- then the whole family system enters a spiral of escalating conflict. The harder each side tries to force the other side to conform, the more each side must resist that pressure, and the more it feels like a war.

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  • Bindrune size: 10"X 4"

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