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Best Patchouli Sage

Best Patchouli Sage

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Patchouli Sage can help to ease depression and insomnia. It also has a relaxing effect on the nerves. It is reputed to be helpful in dealing with nervous disorders, stress, and anxiety. It can help to lift moods that are low.

Patchouli Sage Benefits

This herb is also believed to have a positive effect on fertility. It can be used as a sexual stimulant for both men and women. Patchouli's botanical name is Pogostemon cablin. It's in the same family as mints, basil, and oregano. Patchouli thrives in hot climates, especially when it rains. The best patchouli sage comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. A few centuries ago, Europeans were crazy about it.
This wasn't just because they liked the smell; patchouli was one of the most important perfumes of the time.

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