Aloe Vera Oil

Size: 2oz
Aloe vera oil is used in the witch for esoteric purposes, because of its cooling properties, it is used to energize any working, to protect against baneful influences, and to maintain good health. It is also placed on the altar or in the medicine bag to attract money.
Aloe vera can be used in rituals for many purposes, you can place fresh plants on the altar during your ritual work or you can energize your incense burner with aloe vera leaf.
If you are conducting healing work, then aloe vera can be very helpful. You should always have some on hand for this purpose.
You should cleanse the plant before you use it in any other way than just water. The easiest way to cleanse the plant is by placing it under running water for a few minutes.
Some people feel that there is a certain type of Aloe Vera Plants that has special qualities. Depending on where they are grown or how they are harvested will give them different properties.
The Aloe Vera Plant has been used for centuries by healers throughout the world for its curative properties. It is believed to have originated in Africa but was brought to Europe during the Roman conquest of North Africa

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