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7 Chakra Sage | Best Sage Bundle

7 Chakra Sage | Best Sage Bundle

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The 7 chakra sage is said to be the energy center of the body. In physical terms, some areas of the body appear to have more nerve endings than others. For example, the hands and feet have a greater density of nerve endings than most other parts of the body. Some people claim that this means there are more nerves going into those parts.

7 Chakra Sage Benefits

The 7 chakra sage system seems to have been first described by a woman, a Vedic scholar named Devi whose name was translated as "Divine Goddess". According to her, there are seven main chakras along the body's axis: the base of the spine, at about four inches above that; then at the navel, at about four inches above that; then at the heart (about where you'd expect it); then at the throat (again, not surprising); then at the head (also not surprising); and finally at an odd spot between the eyebrows.
The 7 chakras are said to be wheels of energy flowing up and down your spine. They are believed to be associated with different elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), different colors (red, green, or blue), and different emotions (fear, anger, or joy). Get the best 7 chakra sage now.

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