Love Bind rune | Home Protection Bind rune


The best Love Bind rune | Home Protection Bind rune for you. A bindrune is a symbol that combines several characters to create a magical working space. In traditional heathenry, runes were used alone and together to form binding structures that would hold the creator's power.

The best Love Bind rune

This Love Bind rune is the best choice for your love. It helps you to be able to give yourself fully to someone or something important to you. It also connects you with your own destiny and guides you on your journey towards your goals.

From this tradition, we pull that very essence into our handcrafted home protection bindrune. Bind runes are little runic symbols you can write on your house to protect it. The idea is that the runes will ward off hostile magic aimed at you, like voodoo dolls or evil spells.

  • Bindrune size: 10"X 4"

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