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Our best Esoteric Soap | Organic Soap for you. When people use the word "witch" they often think of the Wicked Witch of the West, but Wicca is a peaceful energy-based religion that promotes harmony and healing. Wiccans believe in practicing love and respect for all living things, including animals. Many Wiccans also practice herbalism, which is the art of using plants to promote health.

Homemade soap is an art that Wiccans took up because it requires exotic ingredients like herbs and flowers. They would mix their own recipes and pour them into molds to create soaps with healing powers.

These organic soaps are called esoteric soaps because they have spiritual properties in addition to being made with herbal ingredients.
These types of esoteric soap | organic soap are becoming more popular today, so you can find them in some specialty shops or online retailers who specialize in hard-to-find products