Collection: Sage

To create these special mixtures of herbs, flowers, and spices, you need to use the finest quality ingredients. That is why our products are the highest quality on the market. They are created with love and care by experienced magic practitioners in accordance with ancient traditions.
The variety of uses for smudge sticks make them an excellent choice for many occasions. They can be used in healing magic, spells, rituals, enchantments, ceremonies, and even your meditation practice. They make an excellent gift for any occasion. They are also great to carry in your purse or pocket when you are on the go!
Use smudge sticks to cleanse yourself of negative energy that has built up during the day or to cleanse a space (such as your home or office) of negative emotions or bad vibes. Simply light the end of the stick and wave it around in a circular motion while breathing in the smoke. As soon as the flame goes out, extinguish it by either dropping it into a fire-safe dish or by blowing it out before putting it out in water. If you want to use them for their intended purpose of healing, burning sage with white sage is an excellent way to do so! We also have lavender scented sage that also works great for healing