why bay leaves are so important in the esoteric world?

Laurel is a well-known plant and is used in cooking, especially in Latin cuisine, where it is used as a condiment for its delicious taste and aroma, but it also has a very interesting use at an esoteric level that dates back many centuries. Of the Greeks and Romans, the laurel has been associated with immortality, it is considered a protector and purifier of environments, it drives away evil and negative energies and there are even those who believe that it can be used in exorcisms and against curses The Romans crowned his Caesar with laurel leaves, not only because it augured fortune in his tenure and to point out that he was the leader full of triumph and wisdom, but also because he supposedly gave him the power of clairvoyance, to understand in advance what was the best destiny for his people. To this day we are used to saying that a person has been awarded or crowned with laurels when he has been rewarded or awarded with honors for some good work or action, and we say that someone has obtained laurels when we refer to awards or triumphs. But in addition, it was believed that it could give the gift of clairvoyance, because the priestesses of the temple of Apollo chewed its leaves to induce his mind into a trance state and thus be able to access his prophecies, or they inhaled its vapors for the same purpose. In addition to being a symbol of glory, triumph and honor, there are athletes also since Greek times who take them with them to the moment of a competition to give them strength and luck and come out victorious. But within the world of esotericism, laurel is considered a protective and purifying herb par excellence, and is worn as an amulet to repel evil and negative forces. Putting some leaves of this plant at the entrances of houses is a symbol of protection not only against bad vibes but also against all kinds of damage, from those bad influences from other people to hexes that throw us and even that we do not get lightning. This is why it is excellent for the purification of spaces, which is why a cleaning of our home with a bouquet of this plant can cleanse the aura of our house of all the negative energies that it has absorbed from the environment. Another example is that on Catholic Easter, Palm Sunday, when the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is staged, he is received by the faithful carrying laurel branches, which are later blessed by the priest, and they take them away and keep them. at home all year round for the protection of the home and its inhabitants. On their clairvoyant gifts, bay leaves are placed under the pillow in case someone wants to induce prophetic dreams and they are also burned to provoke visions. Bay leaf also has medicinal properties. They are used, for example, to treat the common flu because their strong aroma and bitter taste provide a calming effect to patients. It is also beneficial for the heart because it reduces the chances of coronary heart disease. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and is also believed to help fight stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. Regarding its spiritual connection and wisdom, it is thought to balance and stimulate all the Chakras or energy centers, vitalizing the physical health and the etheric plane of people. Other curious uses of the bay leaf is that you can write wishes on its leaves, burning them later to make them come true. In addition, if a bay leaf is held in the mouth, it drives away the bad luck that the person is having at that moment. If we burn laurel before starting a new cycle in our lives, such as starting a new job, relationship or business, it will make our start more accessible and bring us luck. To make a laurel amulet is extremely simple: cut a leaf or several from the tree, let them dry and then carry them with you at all times in your bag, pocket, wallet or wherever you can. Among his protective gifts, he supposedly also does it against witchcraft and charms. If you mix bay leaves with sandalwood and burn them, it is believed that it can undo curses, evil eye, and other ugly spells. As you can see, laurel is a magical plant with multiple virtues and widely used in magic rituals as it drives away bad energies, protects and purifies environments and brings you good luck.