If you follow Norse Mythology, then you will probably know that Freyja is the Goddess of Love, Fertility and Beauty. She is the daughter of Njord and sister of Freyr. She has two pets along with her brother: a boar named Hildisvini and a cat called Beru.
Freyja is said to be married to Odur, a minor god who travels widely at her side. The pair have a love/hate relationship, with Freyja thinking he is a womaniser and Odur thinking she is too proud. He also seems to be jealous of her many female friends, who are often referred to as hers, not his.
In Folklore, Freyja was said to ride in a cart drawn by cats while being followed by swans and riding on a boar. In the Poetic Edda poem Grímnismál, Freyja is said to have been born from an egg during Ragnarök while she is listed as one of eight descendants of the Æsir who will survive Ragnarök alongside her brother Freyr. In both sources Freyja is described as a member of the Vanir tribe along with Frigg and Odin's unnamed sister.
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